Workshop Report: Composting Workshops in Bago, Bacolod and Cebu, Philippines, May 2008

Event: Kitakyushu Initiative Workshop
Date: May 2008
Conference Proceeding

Takakura home method is a set of composting methodologies developed in Surabaya, Indonesia. It uses native microorganisms (NM) for composting which is cultured and fermented from locally available materials such as fresh fruits and vegetable peels, yoghurt, tempe, brown sugar, rice bran and rice husks. This method is characterized by simple technology and low-energy requiring only the use of shredder to prepare the organic wastes. It can be applied on household level (Takakura Home Method) by using baskets and can also be applied for composting market wastes.

The main objective of this training is to introduce composting and waste segregation as an avenue to waste management and livelihood development. Specifically it aims to:
Introduce in-depth concepts of composting methods and waste segregation;
Hands-on demonstration of compost methods, particularly Takakura-home method;
Present the potential of composting towards economic and social improvements;
To present successful practices on composting and waste segregation.