United We Stand: Regional Cooperation from a Wider Perspective of Sustainable Consumption and Production

In Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Asia-Pacific Region: Effective Responses in a Resource Constrained World
Chapter: Vol III, 2010

This chapter aims to demonstrate the potential roles of regional cooperation in promoting SCP in the Asia-Pacific region, from a wider perspective including provision of consumption opportunities for everybody, in particular the poor. Three case studies based on IGES quantitative research are presented to test the key hypothesis of the chapter that SCP requires collective action and coordinated efforts through regional/international cooperation to address potential negative spillover effects and/or to facilitate effective implementation of domestic efforts. The major findings are as follows:

- Seeking win-win solutions through regional and international cooperation is essential to promote SCP in the wider perspective.

- Under economic globalisation and the influence of transboundary environmental pollution, promoting SCP domestically may be neither efficient nor effective when international externalities prevail.

- Production and consumption go hand-in-hand when discussing the issue of SCP and should be regarded systematically as part of the whole.

- Selection of the most appropriate level (e.g., international or national level) is important to address specific SCP issues for effective implementation of cooperation.

Both developed and developing countries should be more open to cooperation and make pragmatic efforts to search for better solutions to address SCP issues.