Towards Sustainable Lifestyle and Business Model - Policy Trends of "Sustainable Consumption and Promotion": "Business and the Environment" International Symposeum 2006 Proceedings

Since the significance of "Sustainable Consumption and Production" was recognized anew at WSSD in 2002, the society has been seeking ways for establishing socio-economic system which can lessen environmental load through the collaboration between consumers and corporations. The International Symposium "Towards Sustainable Lifestyle and Business Model - Policy Trends of 'Sustainable Consumption and Production' ? " was organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Kansai Research Centre (KRC) in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture on 17 January, 2007, with an aim of raising awareness of people about this important issue through the discussion on the most recent policies and its future development from global view point.

The first keynote speech by Mr. Michael Kuhndt (The Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production), titled "Innovations for Human Development in Global Value Chains," highlighted the potentials of "Human Development through the Market" approach, which can successfully realize poverty reduction and creation of business opportunity along value chains. The second keynote speech by Prof. Takashi Gunjima (IGES Kansai Research Centre), titled "Perspectives of Socio-Economic System Innovation ? Messages from BSS Research Project," started with introducing the basic concept of "system innovation," followed by reporting the initial findings of on-going research project at IGES Kansai Research Centre, Business for Sustainable Society (BSS) Project, including "Low carbon solution business model" and "Environmentally-sound business model of Product Service Systems (PSS)."

First part of the Panel Discussion included four presentations, namely: "Future Outlook on Environmental Management Policy" by Mr. Hiroshi Kamagata (Ministry of the Environment), "Business Support Policies from the Environmental Viewpoint" by Dr. Hidefumi Ikeda (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), "Achieving the 3Rs and Sustainable Consumption and Production in Developing Countries through the Informal Sector" by Martin Medina (IGES Kitakyushu Office) and "Community-based Environmental
Business for Sustainable Consumption and Production" by Yasuhiro Kanda (IGES Kansai Research Centre).

Second part of the Panel Discussion led by Prof. Gunjima and joined by all the speakers including Mr. Kuhndt deliberated on the efforts made by companies, opportunities for change of lifestyle and utilization of new technologies for achieving both. At the end
of discussion, keywords for realizing sustainable consumption and production were presented by each discussant.


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