Stakeholder involvement for radioactive decontamination in Fukushima

Event: IAIA 13 Impact Assessment: The Next Generation
Conference Paper

Stakeholder involvement activities include regional dialogues on general issues, consensus-building on siting of potential facilities for radioactive wastes, and consensus-building on decontamination of each house. While those activities are still insufficient, some municipality officials realize the importance of the participatory process, and implement better procedures. In this process, a local decontamination panel gives suggestions on local situations and requests specific procedures, and local residents participate in explanatory meetings on decontamination and discuss in tripartite meetings for specific measure for each house. There is still a big gap between decontamination and safe levels of radiation; discussions on levels of reduction continue after decontamination. Cost
and expenses are still unknown.

Murayama Takehiko
Hiroyasu Shioya