Recognizing and rewarding urban co-benefits: a survey of international climate mechanisms and informal networks

In Urbanization and Climate Co-Benefits
Chapter: Ch.7
Book Chapter

The chapter shows there is an emerging ecosystem of formal climate and informal cooperation schemes potentially assisting cities to achieve joint climate and developmental ends. Formal mechanisms are equipping a policymakers with the knowledge and tools to recognize an expanding range of co-benefits while encouraging policymakers to take the bottom-up actions needed to realize those benefits. Informal city and sectoral networks are also helping urban policymakers identify climate and other benefits while acquiring financing and technical assistance for achieving them. It nonetheless remains an elusive quest to craft multilateral climate change mechanisms that formally index financial and other forms of support to the pursuit of context-dependent sustainable development objectives. The chapter therefore argues that informal city and sectoral networks should not only aim to build capacities for planning and acquiring external support but also lobby for reforms that help to link that support to the dynamic needs of cities above and beyond mitigating climate change. The aim, therefore, should be for gradual convergence as opposed to full-fledged integration between formal climate finance mechanisms and informal city and sectoral networks.