Promoting Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in South Asia

Policy Report
Promoting Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in South Asia

To discuss and cope with steadily increasing problems in waste management and how to advance the 3R initiative in South Asia, the South Asia 3R Expert Workshop was co-orgnized by IGES, ADB, UNEP, and ICIMOD in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop was successful in achieving the multiple objectives of (1) in-depth discussion of solid waste management issues in South Asia, (2) in-depth review of selected issues related to the promotion of 3R in the region, (3) sharing experiences and knowledge among the countries of the subregion, and (4) identifying the route forward to widespread achievement of the 3Rs.

Chapter 1: Summary Report
Chapter 2: Promoting the 3Rs in South Asia: Issues and Possible Solutions
Chapter 3: Promoting 3R Activities in South Asia: Priority Action Areas


Systhesis Report of 3R South Asia Expert Workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, 30 August - 1 September 2006.

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