Outflow of Different Land-use Scenarios under Down-scaled GCM in Silang-Sta. Rosa Subwatershed, Philippines

Three land-use scenarios (current: 2014 LU-Ls8, future: 2025 LU-Pm, and future: 2025 LU-Pop) were generated and analyzed for hydrologic modelling. The Global Climate Model: MRI-AGC M3.2S5containing 1979-2003 and 2075-2099 daily precipitation data was used to model the outflow in the subwatershedunder the three different land-use scenarios. Outflow volumes were generated for the 24 year-past (1979-2003) simulation and 24 year-future (2075-2099) prediction. The daily rainfall average was used to run the model for 365 days or one year (GCM down-scaling). Result from this study will be used as input to derive the flood extent in the downstream of the subwatershedto see the effect of the future precipitation in the area.

Milben A.
Damasa B.