Networking International Recycling Zones in Asia: Towards Improvement of Resource Efficiency and Solutions for Environmental Problems in Developing Countries

Number 01

The Asian region is experiencing a rapid expansion of the cross-border market for recyclable materials (recyclables). As a consequence of rapid economic growth in the region, the demand for resources has increased. On the other hand, there are also negative impacts on the environment and human health, especially in developing countries, because of illegal dumping and inappropriate treatment of waste. The cross-border movement of recyclables presents an opportunity to develop a sound material-cycle society in the region. But how can an appropriate recyclables market be established?

The solution is Networking International Recycling Zones in countries within the region. The Network of International Recycling Zones will not only promote recycling industries in developed and developing countries, but will also minimise the illegal waste trade. This would result in creating economically and environmentally appropriate markets in the region.