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Peer-reviewed Article
In Global Ecology and Conservation
Owing to the huge number of species observations that can be collected by non-professional scientists, “citizen science” has great potential to contribute to scientific knowledge on invasive alien species (IAS). Citizen science has existed for centuries, but the recent adoption of information and communications technology (ICT) in this field (e.g....
Briefing Note
*/ ポイント 1.5℃目標を念頭にした2050年ネットゼロ排出が野心度を測る一つのベンチマークとなった。 59カ国が2020年末までにNDC引き上げを行うと表明し、11カ国が既に国内プロセスを開始しているとされる。また、66カ国・地域、10の州、102の都市、87の企業、そして12投資機関が2050年までにネットゼロ排出を達成、あるいはそれに向けた動きを加速すると表明 1 。 島嶼国、後発発展途上国および欧州諸国が排出削減目標の引き上げに向けた動きをけん引しているが、排出量上位国が含まれていない。今後一年間でさらに多くの国が引き上げを実施することが切望される。 世界の排出量の15%以上を占める国、地域、都市が2050年ネットゼロ排出を表明。企業・投資家の動きと合わせて、今後...
Submission to Policy Process
This submission proposes elements related to common tabular formats (CTFs) for the electronic reporting of the information necessary to track progress made in implementing and achieving nationally determined contributions under Article 4 of the Paris Agreement. Summary of the submission: An additional instruction can be helpful for countries to...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Sustainability
Addressing the prevailing mode of high-carbon lifestyles is crucial for the transition towards a net-zero carbon society. Existing studies fail to fully investigate the underlining factors of unsustainable lifestyles beyond individual determinants nor consider the gaps between current footprints and reduction targets. This study examines latent...
Data or Tool
IGES Biennial Update Report (BUR) Database provides key information reported in biennial update reports (BURs) submitted by Non-Annex I Countries to the UNFCCC. According to UNFCCC COP decision 2/CP.17, non-Annex I Parties, consistent with their capabilities and the level of support provided for reporting, should submit their first BUR by December...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Cleaner Production
Capacity building support by means of international development projects for developing countries to prepare national reporting under the Paris Agreement has taken on increasing importance. Given that support for capacity building has been provided for more than two decades, the aim of our research is to assess past trends in capacity building...
Data or Tool
The IGES Kyoto Units Transfer Database (CP1 & CP2) provide compiled information on all issuance, international transfer, retirement, and cancellation of Kyoto units from each Annex I country or among different Annex I countries for the 1st and 2nd commitment periods of the Kyoto Protocol (CP1 and CP2). The information is extracted from publicly...
Japan is still the largest market for timber from Sarawak. Thus, it is important to understand the latest trends of the policy and initiative for timber legality and sustainability. Japan issued the Act on Promotion of Use and Distribution of Legally-harvested Wood and Wood Products (Clean Wood Act) in 2016. The objective of this new act is to...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Forest Policy and Economics
This article examines the REDD+ engagement types preferred by Japanese private firms at the project level including their motivation and rationale for the engagement and explores the challenges and opportunities in relation to their participation. We analyzed 148 responses to a survey questionnaire mailed to participants across Japan and the...