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2019年7月30日・31日に開催された「持続可能なアジア太平洋に関する国際フォーラム2019」のセッション「持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)とビジネス:ダイバーシティ経営を通じたSDGsへの貢献」のテーマを説明したモデレーターのプレゼン資料。 本年、持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)の実施4年目を迎え、その達成に向けた企業による取組みは進んでいる。昨年のISAPセッションでは、企業による本業を通じたSDGsへの取組みについて、パートナーシップを切り口に紹介したが、本セッションではSDGsの基本原則ともいえる包摂性(inclusiveness)、ダイバーシティに焦点を当てる。企業がSDGsの達成に向けた取組みを進める上で、鍵となるのがダイバーシティ経営である。本セッションでは...
Policy Report
This latest report, “Mainstreaming the SDGs in Business: Actions by Companies and Organisations in Japan”, includes the results of the 2018 survey as well as a survey specifically focused on diversity management, which is closely linked to SDG5 (gender equality and women's empowerment), SDG8 (decent work and economic growth) and SDG10 (reduced...
Commentary (Op. Ed)
- The APFSD has grown into a useful multi-stakeholder platform for sharing experiences and networking around sustainable development. - It is important to examine whether stakeholder engagement provides meaningful space for the stakeholders and whether it is built on the “minimum requirement” of protecting and respecting human rights. - Subregional...
Policy Report
Climate change deepens poverty; whereas, researches have shown financial inclusion is one of the best ways to build resilience to the climate change effects. Inclusive green finance is an evolving policy area in which member institutions of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) are beginning to implement policies, regulations and national...
Second Regional Seminar for the Asia-Pacific Region Parliaments on Achieving the SDGs
Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) hosted its second regional seminar to provide parliaments the opportunity to discuss their crucial role in achieving the SDGs and invited IGES as the speaker for the session on climate change. The presentation put particular emphasis on how parliaments and parliamentarians could increase awareness on climate change....
Training or Learning Material
Clean Air Asia (CAA) organised a training on the Guidance Framework for Better Air Quality in Mongolia to enable local-level air quality managers to implement strategies and programmes towards air quality improvement and climate change mitigation. To conduct the training, CAA invited IGES to deliver the co-benefits training for the representatives...