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On 11th of March 2014, fourteen participants gathered for a one-day intensive web-based workshop on Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) and Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles (SL) in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The workshop was originally intended to be a two-day workshop to be held in Bangkok; however, due to the political situation...
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These are Proceedings from the Northeast Asia Reporting and Capacity Building Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Education for Sustainable Development which was jointly organised by UNU-IAS and IGES and held on 20 February 2012 at the UNU-IAS office in Yokohama, Japan. The United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) and...
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PERL (Partnership for Education and research about Responsible Living) International Conference on "Enabling Responsible Living"
Lee, So-Young
The Partnership for Education and research about Responsible Living (PERL) held their first international conference “Enabling Responsible Living” on 14-15 March 2011 at Maltepe University in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference focused on the role of partnerships in enabling responsible living along with the contributions that can be made through...
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In early December 2010, over forty participants met for a two day workshop on Education for Sustainable Consumption in China, Japan and Republic of Korea. The workshop was organised in cooperation between the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Japan, the Environmental Education Center at Beijing Normal University (EEC-BNU), and...
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阪神・淡路大震災15周年記念事業の一環として(財)地球環境戦略研究機関(IGES)では、気候変動・地球環境と災害の発生が相互に大きな影響を与えているとの認識に立ち、日頃、環境や防災の分野に取り組まれている方々や一般の皆様に新たな視点を提供するという目的で、「気候変動・地球環境と災害」国際シンポジウムを開催致しました。パネルディスカッションにおいては、気候変動・地球環境と災害の相互影響に関し国内外の第一人者による活発な討議が交わされました。Remarks:2009年度IGES関西研究センター国際シンポジウム「気候変動、地球環境と災害」 日時: 平成22年1月15日(金) 13時30分~16時30分 場所: よみうり神戸ホール(神戸市中央区栄町通1-2-10読売神戸ビル2F) 主催: 兵庫県、...
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Kitakyushu Initiative Workshop
In Surabaya City, Indonesia, household organic waste composting has been widely practiced in communities. The city government, through the support of several private companies and local NGOs, have adopted the Takakura method that utilises baskets for household composting. This methodology was developed by Pusdakota, a local NGO, in 2004, with...
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Contents:(1) State and the Community in Water management Case of the Damodar Valley Corporation, India by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt(2) Rewarding Communities for Keeping Rivers Clearn? First Steps in a River Care Program in West Lambung-Indonesia by Rudy Harto Widodo, S. Suyanto et. al.(3) Consumers Education, Representation and Participation in...
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