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Strengthening the Rule of Law in Support of Climate Change Policy to Achieve Low-Carbon Economy/Society in Japan

In Strengthening the Rule of Law to Address Climate Change Selected Asian Country Studies
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In 生命をめぐる対話 (Dialogue on Existence)
Remarks: 「分配に関連する環境問題と文化進化がもたらした新しい問題」,「経済と福祉の関係」,「局所最適からシステム最適、さらにシステムの再構築へ」,「環境政策の具体化に向けて」,「スピード違反気味の文明」
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Forest Policy and People's Survival Strategy in the Postlogging Community in the Sierra Madre

In Communities at the Margins (by: Hiromitsu Umehara and Germelino M. Bautista)