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環境経済・政策学会2018 年大会
昨年発表した「先進事例におけるステークホルダー(家庭/産業部門)への影響を踏まえた制度設計のあり方」では、炭素税等の先進事例であるドイツにおける産業部門に対する影響分析では、製造業において業種間の特性の違いを考慮せず一律に導入した軽減措置により、労働集約型製造業が一部の非製造業より高いCO₂排出強度をもつにもかかわらず課税負担が小さくなるという逆転現象が発生していることを示した。このことから、軽減措置は製造業全体で一律に導入するのではなく、より細分化された業種単位で導入範囲を限定することが重要であるといえる。 また、地球環境戦略研究機関・名城大学。・国立環境研究所(2018)によれば、製造業に属する企業の営業利益に対する影響分析では、価格転嫁率が最も大きな要因の1つであり...
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環境経済・政策学会2017 年大会
Issue Brief
Executive Summary: The purpose of this issue brief is to provide an overview of the latest movement of the emissions trading scheme (ETS), with a focus on the three key Asian carbon markets in Tokyo, China (esp. the pilots) and the Republic of Korea (hereinafter abbreviated as Korea). The key findings are as follows: - As of 2017, the global share...
Issue Brief
Katherine Rittenhouse
Peter Sopher
Daniel Francis
Stefano De Clara
Jeff Swartz
This case study covers the experimental Japanese voluntary ETS, the J-Credit System, the Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program, the Joint Crediting Mechanism, Commentary on Market Functioning, and Policy Distinction. Remarks: This case study is co-authored by the IGES, the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), and the Environmental Defense Fund...
Issue Brief
Assuming all thermal power plants currently planned for construction and replacement are put into operation, coal-fired and gas-fired power plants need to operate below 56% and 43%, respectively, of their capacity factor in order to achieve Japan’s electric power sector’s voluntary emissions intensity targets for 2030. However, the voluntary...
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Third Asian Energy Modelling Workshop on Carbon Pricing and Investment towards Low Emissions: Uncertainty and Potential
There have been many proposals to address the competitiveness and carbon leakage concerns due to the asymmetric international arrangement for mitigating the global GHG emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Carbon adjustment at the border has received special attention. The objective of border carbon adjustment (BCA) is to level the playing field...
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57th Autumn Conference of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan
In this study, we investigated trends in the use of remote sensing (RS) to address some major global environmental issues to see if it is being increasingly or decreasingly used to address each issue. We considered several land, water, air, and integrated Earth system issues. Of the 12 environmental issues we considered, there was an increasing...
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65th International Astronautical Congress
The goal of this research is to develop a method for quantitative and objective assessment of the effect of satellite Earth observations on environmental policy. For this purpose, as an initial case study, the protection of the ozone layer is taken up to analyze the different phases and processes where satellite observations might have had an...
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持続可能性・グリーン経済に関する個別・統合指標の政策応用のための一考察~SDGsとGenuine Savings(GS)等を例に

環境経済・政策学会 2014年大会