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In GEO-6 Regional Assessment for Asia and the Pacific
• The emergence of multiple global environmental goals clearly signals a need to reverse the trend of deteriorating environmental conditions across the region. Despite some deficiencies, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been successful in showing the effectiveness of a goal-based approach to problem solving. • New or revised agreements...
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東日本大震災以降、地域に適した分散型エネルギーモデル構築の重要性がクローズアップされてきました。また2016年4月からは電力小売の全面自由化が開始されています。本パンフレットでは、自治体による地域エネルギー会社設立の背景や、各自治体の取組を比較・整理し、自治体による地域エネルギー会社の共通事項や今後新規に参入を検討する自治体が考慮すべきポイントなどを取りまとめています。 Remarks: English Version:
Issue Brief
The Great East Japan Earthquake highlighted the importance of building diversified energy systems suited to local areas. Since April in 2016, the electric power retail market has been fully liberalized in Japan. This pamphlet explains the background of establishment of local energy companies by local governments in Japan, summarizes and compares...
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Feasibility Study on FY2015 Large Scale JCM Project for Realizing Low-Carbon Development in Asia

Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.
Reporting Session for JCM Feasibility Studies in FY2015 in Bogor Indonesia on Feb. 22 2016
Background The Energy Law No. 30/2007 section Energy Conservation (Article 25) stipulates that energy conservation is the responsibility of all energy users including the Government, the regional government, business entities, and the community. As a derivative regulation of the Energy Law, on 16 November 2009, the Government Regulation No. 70/2009...