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第22回 日本LCA学会・LCA日本フォーラム共催 講演会「持続可能な消費・生産に向けたライフサイクル思考の役割」
2016年12月15日に開催された 第22回日本LCA学会・LCA日本フォーラム共催講演会において、IGES SCPエリア・エリアリーダー堀田康彦が、「アジアにおけるSCPに向けた国際連携」と題する講演を行った。これは、本年から開始された環境研究総合推進費・戦略的研究開発領域課題(S-16)の成果などを活用したものである。


Policy Report
How we choose to live as a society and as individuals – what houses we choose and build, what food we eat and grow, how we spend our spare time, and what type of transport we use – will have an enormous impact on the trajectory of human history. This publication will help policymakers, individuals and other stakeholders understand what a holistic...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
In 産業と教育
8th LCS-RNet Annual Meeting
In Parallel Session 3.4: sustainable production and consumption as core fields of transition at 8th LCS-R Net Annual Meeting in Wuppertal, Germany, Yasuhiko Hotta made a presentation titled "Sustainable production and consumption in low carbon communities – an Asian perspective".
Conference Paper
The HDCA 2016 Conference: Capability and Diversity in a Global Society
This paper discusses the experience and lessons learned from the development of a new environmental learning programme and materials for the junior high schools in Mandalay City with key stakeholders to address waste management and its environmental issues. Aiming to establish the 3R practices (reduce, reuse and recycle) to reduce waste generation...
Book Chapter
In GEO-6 Regional Assessment for Asia and the Pacific
• The emergence of multiple global environmental goals clearly signals a need to reverse the trend of deteriorating environmental conditions across the region. Despite some deficiencies, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been successful in showing the effectiveness of a goal-based approach to problem solving. • New or revised agreements...