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Commentary (Op. Ed)
In ASEAN cities, ‘waste management’ is persistently cited as the top challenge faced by local governments. Ideally, ‘sound’ waste management approaches should be grounded in scientific principles, utilise appropriate technologies, be financially feasible and also socially sensible – a demanding package far from the grasp of many cities. So far,...
Climate change is naturally a complex and dynamic issue. The past decade has seen a marked increase in the development of equally dynamic low carbon strategies. Many of these strategies benefited from the proliferation of networks; networks not only help connect diverse stakeholders, they facilitate experience and information sharing in rapidly...
Book Chapter
In The Economy of Green Cities: A World Compendium on the Green Urban Economy
Composting is a traditional agricultural practice to recycle organic waste. However, due to ongoing rapid urbanization and changing life-styles, organic waste lost its traditional link to the rural agriculture. Instead, organic waste became a serious environmental issue in developing countries. This paper therefore discusses the experiences of two...
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In ESD Practices in Addressing Biodiversity
Shimano Satoshi
Mochizuki Yoko
This case study on ESD and natural resource utilisation offers a good example of multi-stakeholder social learning for regional sustainable development based on partnerships between environmentalists and farmers. A citizen's movement to conserve a wetland evolved into a participatory programme for engaging with the community for the preservation of...
Policy Report
This paper documents the experience of two cities in Kyushu area, including Minamata and Oki Town which have developed an innovative strategy to reduce waste generation with the aim of achieving zero-waste society. The paper presents an overview of these innovative strategies and summarises the key findings and lessons learned. The information was...
Discussion Paper
Ranjith Perera
Ariva Sugandi Permana
Wanpen Charoentrakulpeeti
Cities in Asian developing countries are generally characterized by a relatively high density, low levels of motorization, relatively high public transport and bicycle usage, high density corridor orientations radiating from the city centre, and generally mixed land uses (SUTP, 2003). This statement brings into two situations; first, with respect...