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Working Paper
This is the summary of a working paper to strengthen linkage between UNFCCC and Cities for transformative actions. In order to accomplish 2-degree Celsius target, national target and local climate change actions should be linked. UNFCCC/COP needs a mechanism linking the mid-term national vision, and climate change actions by the Non-State Actor...
Conference Paper
SEEPS Conference 2015
A growing body of science maintains that anthropogenic climate change poses a grave threat to the well-being of earth and its inhabitants. Academics, environmentalists, and policymakers similarly concur that there is no single silver bullet solution to climate change; rather what is needed are well-integrated and long-term strategy. Yet adopting...
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公益財団法人地球環境戦略研究機関 IGES 関西研究センター -研究事業説明-


Joint Crediting in Palau to Improve Returns on Investment in Waste-to-Energy Systems

Remarks:A presentation is given at "Island Energy Transitions: Pathways for Accelerated Uptake of Renewables, Martiniques, June 22-24, 2015.
Commissioned Report

平成26 年度 日中韓三カ国環境大臣会合共同研究実施事業 「北東アジアの環境ガバナンスに係る共同研究」 報告書

Commissioned Report
Commissioned Report

平成26年度アジアの低炭素社会実現のための低炭素アジアネットワーク(LoCARNet)事業 委託業務報告書