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Conference Proceeding
The 11th Regional Conference on Environmental Engineering 2018 and the 3rd International Symposium on Conservation and Management of Tropical Lakes “Enhancing Sustainability and Resilience under Anthropogenic Pressure and Climate Change
The Tonle Sap Lake (TSL) is among the most productive freshwater ecosystems, and one of the most fish- abundant lakes in the world. It is connected with the Mekong River by Tonle Sap River. The TSL absorbs a huge volume of water, which helps to reduce flooding in the Mekong River floodplains during the peak flooding season, then releases water into...
Policy Report
This publication is one of the major outputs of the Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA).WEPA aims to strengthen water environmental governance in Asia through the collection and dissemination of information and capacity development of relevant stakeholders in partnership with eleven countries in the region, namely Cambodia, China...
PR, Newsletter or Other
In consideration of the importance of a platform for sharing knowledge and information on water environment management in Asia, the Water Envrionment Partnership in Asia (WEPA) - a partnership of 11 Asian countries - developed a database. The formation of the WEPA initiative was first proposed by the Ministry of the Environment Japan at the 3rd...