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Discussion Paper
This paper provides some background information on coal industry transition that has occurred recently in China, and shows prospects for better transition management with a focus on employment. Using statistical data and scenario analysis results provided in existing literature, changes in coal consumption, production and international trade in...
Data or Tool
IGES CDM Investment Analysis Database aims to provide organised information that has been used for investment analysis to demonstrate the additionality of the project activities.The listed information helps users to search for specific information on each registered, rejected and withdrawn project more easily and it also enables them to use...
International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific 2019
“Just Transition” is an important, brand new concept to implement policies towards decarbonisation of the power sector (DPS) in Japan. However, a knowledge gap still remains between this concept and policy discussion at a practical level. Therefore, using the existing DPS scenarios and employment factors for the power sector based on extended input...
BUAA-NIES Bilateral Workshop on Integrated Assessment of Health Co-benefits of Climate Change Mitigation Policy
This presentation highlights the following topics. - Relationships between 2030 mitigation target (NDC) and co-benefits such as health care and air pollution. - Assessment on the ambition of current Japan’s NDC by comparative study for model analysis and historical trend. - Showing an example on how to utilize or deliver the results from IAM models...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Resources, Energy, and Development (JREAD)
This paper details the efforts made by Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), under their Japan–India collaborative projects, to promote low carbon technologies (LCT) among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India. The empirical evidence gathered during the projects show that three...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Applied Energy
This study evaluates the effect of climate uncertainties on the transformations in the global energy system needed for realizing mitigation targets in the long term. Climate uncertainties affect the amount of allowable emissions from human activities that are consistent with a given climate target, and, thus, the range of necessary energy...
Peer-reviewed Article
In APN Science Bulletin
G.M. Tarekul
The Ganges basin provides essential water for drinking, irrigation, industrial use and power generation. Global climate change will affect the water availability in the basin and inevitably intensify the competition for water among major users, particularly from thermal power generation. Knowledge on the spatial distribution of water supply-demand...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Climate Policy
Achieving long-term climate mitigation goals in Japan faces several challenges, starting with the uncertain nuclear power policy after the 2011 earthquake, the uncertain availability and progress of energy technologies, as well as energy security concerns in light of a high dependency on fuel imports. The combined weight of these challenges needs...
Briefing Note
2018年8月に「エネルギー移行委員会 (ETC: Energy Transition Commission)」が「Mission Possible –Reaching Net-Zero Carbon Emissions from Harder-To-Abate Sectors by Mid-Century-」を公表した。本報告書は、炭素中立(Net-Zero)が難しいとされる重化学工業(鉄鋼、セメント、石油化学)部門および貨物、船舶、航空など旅客以外の輸送手段(以下、貨物など輸送部門)を対象に、炭素中立の技術的可能性とそれを実現するための施策をまとめたものである。本報告書は、200人を超える専門家へのインタビュー結果に基づき、世界的にも著名なコンサルティング会社(Material...