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Commissioned Report
This study focuses on carbon pricing as an economic measure for significant reduction of GHG emissions in 2050, and highlights the effectiveness and economic efficiency of carbon pricing through the form of carbon tax and emission trading scheme (ETS). Furthermore, this study proposes policy packages of green tax reform and demonstrates the...
CCAC-MSWI Latin America Regional Municipal Solid Waste Workshop
This presentation-- delivered at the Latin America Regional Municipal Solid Waste Workshop held 31 March- 1 April 2016 in Washington, D.C., USA, organized by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition's Municipal Solid Waste Initiative (CCAC-MSWI)-- provides an overview of the IGES-developed emissions calculation tool for short-lived climate -pollutants...
The Atmospheric Pollution, Climate Change Nexus in Asia: Implications for a New Development Agenda
1. Although many criticized the SDGs for having too many goals and lacking prioritization, unfortunately, air pollution was one issue which was deemphasized. 2. Air pollution’s position in SDGs is cloudy. In the SDGs, there is no headline goal on air pollution. Air pollution is specifically mentioned in 2 targets, under health (SDG3) and cities...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Asian Social Science
The issue of geographic equity has been one of the greatest concerns throughout the history of the CDM. To encourage wider implementation of the CDM or a reformed CDM and new market-based mechanisms in the future, it is necessary to identify the barriers that hinder implementation of CDM projects in underrepresented countries. This paper...
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Climate Edge
Remarks: 「クライメート・エッジ」は、気候変動問題を巡る国際交渉の動向や研究成果等、最新の情報を紹介し、官公庁、研究者・学会、マスコミ向けに発行しているIGES気候変動とエネルギー領域のニュースレターです。 気候変動対策の国際交渉や研究に関する旬な話題、日本国内やアジア各国の気候変動およびエネルギー政策の制度設計や将来への展望についてのエッジをきかせた提言、アジア地域を含む主要国の気候変動およびエネルギー政策に関する最新の動きや専門家からの特別寄稿も織り込んでいます。