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Commissioned Report
The report consisting of 4 parts: (1) presenting OECD activities in the field of environment and sustainable society with explanation of OECD structure in particular Environmental Policy Committee (EPOC), (2) reporting expert dispatching to OECD meetings, (3), reporting the MOEJ-OECD symposium in July 2014, and (4) presenting the strategy to...
Conference Paper

持続可能性・グリーン経済に関する個別・統合指標の政策応用のための一考察~SDGsとGenuine Savings(GS)等を例に

環境経済・政策学会 2014年大会
Conference Paper
SEEPS 2013, 21-22 September 2014, Kobe
The human environmental impacts exponentially increase along with exponential growth of the scale of economic activities, and it is pointed out that the scale of our economic activities already surpassed some of planetary boundaries. At the same time we face serious under-consumption problems in terms of poverty problems in spite of international...