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平成25年度 ASEAN+3環境大臣会合会議文書翻訳作業等実施業務 報告書

Commissioned Report
KUC is assisting selected cities, including Surabaya City (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam), Nonthaburi City and Phitsanulok City (Thailand), in evaluating their environmental projects and policies in terms of GHG emissions reduction. KUC undertook a three-week training course on low-carbon city planning and MRV capacity building from JICA...
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Commissioned Report


平成24年度環境研究総合推進費 「東アジアにおける広域大気汚染の解明と温暖化対策との共便益を考慮した大気環境管理の推進に関する総合的研究(テーマ3)」 による研究委託業務 委 託 業 務 報 告 書
Commissioned Report
The study aims to identify low carbon policies and activities made at local government level, specially focus on whether local governments have mandates, requests or incentives to develop and carry out low carbon policies. The further aims are identifying how to promote low carbon policies or actions at a local level and finally raising the...
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Japan has ambitious GHG reduction targets, aiming to reduce emission against the 1990 baseline by 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050, an aim which is heavily supported through a variety of legislation during the last two decades. As a heavily urbanized country there is a strong focus on low carbon city development, the most notable programmes deriving...
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平成24年度 新メカニズムの構築に向けたアジア地域におけるMRV体制構築支援事業委託業務報告書 (2/8)インドネシア