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Policy Brief
This brief aims to classify the MRV (Measuring or Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) system of GHG emissions/reductions according to its object, aim, methodology and implementation body to demonstrate that there are significant differences between each type of MRV system. It also suggests the need to develop of new type of MRV system for...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Energy Policy
An online social survey was conducted to reveal household electricity-saving behaviour and its relationship with participation in social group activities, as well as face-to-face and online social interactions, i.e. information sources used and information dissemination through personal networks, in a disaster-affected region of Kanagawa, Japan,...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
Book Review on Club of Rome report “Bankrupting Nature: Denying Our Planetary Boundaries” by Anders Wijkman and Johan Rockström Published 5 November 2012 by Routledge, 224 pages Challenging “the dilemma of growth”: the key to prosperity without bankrupting nature This book presents a convincing warning to human...