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In The Jakarta Post
Fears about the costs of stopping climate change are one of the main obstacles to reaching an agreement in Paris. These costs, however, are actually quite modest when compared to the size of the global economy and wealth — and they should be easily affordable. An estimated US$3 trillion a year is needed for climate-related activities and broadly...
Commissioned Report

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development activities for the Environmental Policy Dialogue between the Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States

Conference Proceeding

Stabilising Climate through Low Carbon Actions in Asia: Road to COP21 and Beyond

This report discusses possible ways to enhance the Parties’ contributions to climate mitigation and finance, and draws lessons for the international negotiations leading up to the Paris climate agreement. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of the dynamic nature of the climate regime, looking not only at the Paris climate agreement but...
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In In The Paris Climate Agreement and Beyond: Linking Short-term Climate Actions to Long-term Goals Vol. /
Remarks: The Paris Climate Agreement and Beyond: Linking Short-term Climate Actions to Long-term Goals

Towards Effective Implementation of SDGs

Presented at 2015 International Forum of Sustainable Development, Taiwan
Workshop on The Sustainable Development Goals and Green Economy organized by the Korea Environment Institute (KEI) and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE)
This presentation outlines Japan's policies which are related to the concept of green economy and sustainable development goals. Japan is not likely to create new policies or rename existing policies specifically based on green economy or SDGs, but Japan has many existing policies which can be considered related to them in a broad sense. These...
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Japan’s Comprehensive and Continual Support Package for the Creation of Scientific Climate Policies in Asia

In Enabling Asia to Stabilise the Climate
Nishioka Shuzo
Research Report

Enabling Asia to Stabilise the Climate

Nishioka Shuzo