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Actively engaging women in climate mitigation activities can yield multiple benefits, including improved jobs, better livelihoods, and more equitable revenue flows. Efforts are moving forward to design climate funding mechanisms to help capture these benefits, but policy makers and other stakeholders need more guidance on designing gender...
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How we choose to live as a society and as individuals – what houses we choose and build, what food we eat and grow, how we spend our spare time, and what type of transport we use – will have an enormous impact on the trajectory of human history. This publication will help policymakers, individuals and other stakeholders understand what a holistic...
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_Global Environment Outlook_ Regional assessment for Asia and the Pacific
Hotta contributed as a lead author for Section 2.6: Waste of the Report.
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This report updates the 2001 Guidance Manual for Governments on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), which provided a broad overview of the key issues, general considerations, and the potential benefits and costs associated with producer responsibility for managing the waste generated by their products put on the market. Since then, EPR policies...
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Recognising the importance of markets to sustainable forest management, this document provides guidance to timber buyers on the steps that they can take to responsibly purchase Papua New Guinean export timber. Log exports have been a major foreign exchange earner for PNG, but weak enforcement of forest laws means that the forest estate is mostly...
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Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
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Low Carbon Urban Infrastructure Investment: Cases of China, Indonesia, and Japan

Joni Jupesta
Ping Jiang
Rizaldi Boer
Retno Gumilang Dewi
Toni Bakhtiar
Lukytawati Anggraeni
Wan Xin Li
Manu Verghese Mathai
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地球は、経済、社会および環境の面で大きな課題に直面している。 こうした課題に対処するため、「持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)」は、2030年に向けて世界的な優先課題および世界のあるべき姿を明らかにしている。極度の貧困を根絶し、世界を持続可能な軌道に乗せるための先例のない機会を提供するものである。 世界の各国政府は、すでにこの目標に合意している。 今こそ企業が行動を起こす時である。 本SDG Compassは、各企業の事業にSDGsがもたらす影響を解説するとともに、持続可能性を企業の戦略の中心に据えるためのツールと知識を提供するものである。 Remarks: 英語版はGRI(グローバル・レポーティング・イニシアティブ)、国連グローバル・コンパクト及びWBCSD...