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Discussion Paper
Sustainable Lifestyles Policy and Practice: Challenges and Way Forward provides an overview of the current (2019) situation for sustainable lifestyles globally. It includes 32 case studies from around the world, showing on-going efforts to support the transition to sustainable ways of living. The key messages of the publication are: There are...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Sustainability
Addressing the prevailing mode of high-carbon lifestyles is crucial for the transition towards a net-zero carbon society. Existing studies fail to fully investigate the underlining factors of unsustainable lifestyles beyond individual determinants nor consider the gaps between current footprints and reduction targets. This study examines latent...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
In 内側から見た中国最新環境事情 第56回/October 2019 Global Net Series
Policy Report
Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global threats. Plastics use and waste have been rapidly growing, in particularly emerging Asia. Southeast Asia, with its high population density, strong economic dynamism, and generally inadequate waste management systems, is a hotspot for the challenges. With this as a background, ASEAN and the EU have...
Policy Report
International Resource Panel
GRO2019の内容をコンパクトにまとめた政策決定者向け要約(SPM:Summary for Policymakers)の日本語版。資源効率性、気候緩和、炭素除去、並びに生物多様性保護の政策を組み合わせることにより、経済を成長させ、人々の幸福度を増やし、プラネタリーバウンダリー(地球の限界)内に留まることができる可能性を示している。