International Negotiations on Climate Change and Water

In Climate Change and Water Resources (Sangam Shrestha, Mukand S. Babel, Vishnu Prasad Pandey (Edt))
Book Chapter

Climate change is already a prominent issue during water-related negotiations or discussions such as water forums, conferences, or dialogues. But the same cannot be claimed in the case of climate change negotiations, where water issues are encountered intermittently or find their space in ex-post
discussions, directly or indirectly. However, despite close links between climate change and water, it is hard to single out any international climate change negotiation that was devoted specifically to water issues. This relatively unaddressed part of climate negotiations leads us to inquire about the need, relevancy, and issues to be addressed through water-focused climate change negotiations. The intent of this chapter is to present key negotiations that are considered turning points to highlight issues surrounding climate change and water, irrespective of their potential links. The chapter will further concentrate on exploring links, barriers, and recent developments on international negotiations on water and climate change. Finally, the chapter will conclude by discussing discourses of future negotiations on curtailing climate change and improving water management as a win-win strategy.