The fourth IGES International Workshop on Forest Conservation in the Asia-Pacific region

Conference Proceeding

The workshop was held on 17 January 2001, preceded by intensive discussions between IGES staff and local Japanese collaborators on the preceding day. The workshop was divided into three sessions.

First, the morning session was to discuss the results of the first phase of research with invited participants from overseas and Japan. Second, in the afternoon the discussions were open to the public. At this time, IGES outputs were presented and comments were added by the participants from the ITTO, Indonesia, and Laos. At the end of this session, IGES presented an outline of FC Project plans for the IGES second phase of research. The plan concentrates on participatory forest management, with specific objectives to develop guidelines and policy recommendations for participatory forest management at the local and national level. (The day after the workshop, intensive discussions were conducted on the plan.)

In the third session, the workshop concluded with a seminar in which panelists presented their perspectives on and experiences in doing research and promoting participatory forest management. Presentations came from JICA, ITTO, CIFOR, the government of Indonesia (Indonesian Embassy in Japan), and IGES. These presentations ranged from international to national and local experiences. These presentations were intended to provide a broad perspective on participatory forest management, which will be the focus of the second phase research.

A total of 110 people participated in the afternoon session. They were from universities (students, professors), private companies, research institutes, Ministry of Environment, Forestry Agency of Japan, and NGOs. Morning session was arranged for intensive discussions among IGES staffs, collaborators, and invited participants from ITTO, CIFOR, and Indonesia.