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Book Chapter
In 『持続可能な 社会をつくる教育事典』
日本環境教育学会は、日本児童教育振興財団からの助成を得て、『持続可能な 社会をつくる教育事典』を作成・刊行する方針を決め、日本国際理解教育学会、日本社会 教育学会、日本学校教育学会、SDGs 市民社会ネットワーク、グローバル・コンパクト・ ネットワーク・ジャパンの5つの団体にも執筆・編集でご協力をいただくことになりまし た。IGESは「持続可能な生産と消費」について、執筆しました。
Policy Brief
T20 Japan Task Force 3: Climate Change and Environment
This policy brief suggests six priorities for developed and emerging economies represented by G20 countries to mainstream circular economy and society globally, as follows: 1) need to capture the momentum raised by public attention on marine plastic pollution; 2) raise the level of ambition of Extended Producer Responsibility; 3) provide policy...
Briefing Note
UNEA4では、会合全体のテーマである「環境的課題と持続可能な消費と生産のための革新的な解決策(Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production)」に見られるように、SCPが環境・持続可能性の課題を解決する上で鍵となる横断的なアジェンダとして注目を集めた。本ブリーフィングノートでは、UNEA4におけるSCPに関する議論を採択された決議を踏まえて概観し、循環経済と資源効率、持続可能なインフラ・移動などの横断的な領域、持続可能なライフスタイルへの転換の3つの文脈から整理する。さらに、持続可能なライフスタイルに関する分析の一例として...

Comparative Analysis of Plastic Waste Management and Circular Economy Policy in ASEAN Countries

Japan-Europe Dialogue 2019
The slides were presented in the stakeholder workshop, Japan-Europe Dialogue 2019, held at YCU (Yokohama City University) in April 2019. This presentation tries to identify the current policy status of plastics/marine litter issues in the ASEAN region as an initial finding of the commissioned research project.
Commissioned Report
MSW, Biomass waste, marine and coastal plastic waste, EPR GHG emissions, and macro-level material flows are being developed to identify current conditions and future directions. "State of the 3Rs in AP" was made to improve waste management, improve resource efficiency, promote green and circular economies, mitigate climate change, and contribute to...
Aim to improve the decision-making process&further promote 3R policies in AP, we framed related data and information of 11 countries and 1 region in a table together with "interpretation" by local experts to provide an overview of the definitions and classifications of waste and MSW&MSW generation, as well as the national legislative waste...
Conference Proceeding
In the course of implementing the Paris climate agreement and the 2030 sustainable development goals, policymakers, practitioners, and academics have increasingly acknowledged the urgency of addressing the issue of food waste, both globally and more especially in Asian countries. Various research is being carried out in high-income countries such...
Joint Workshop on Transition to Decarbonized and Circular Society
Under the era of Paris Agreement and SDGs, sustainability agenda has shifted to designing fundamental changes in socio-technical system towards decarbonized and circular society. This shift should largely depend on taking advantage of emerging forces in socio-technical system including new business models, drivers of wealth, wellbeing and human...
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