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Policy Report
This report looks at national policies and initiatives related to sustainable consumption and production in Asia, without pretending to offer an exhaustive inventory of such policies and initiatives. It was developed based on literature review, integrating information collected through key regional projects such as SWITCH Asia and SwitchMed. The...
Policy Report
This report presents an overview of policies and initiatives related to sustainable consumption and production advanced by the governments of the pan-European region. Although not pretending to present an exhaustive overview of those policies and initiatives, the report was developed based on literature review as well as on the results of a pilot...
Policy Report
The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as one of the core frameworks driving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provided the impetus to design a new phase of the ASEAN ESC Model Cities programme which is aligned to the SDGs. From around 2016, many parties and experts have launched publications to inform cities...
Data or Tool
This project, Envisioning Future Low-Carbon Lifestyles and Transitioning Instruments, is a part of the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns. The project examines how the way we live our daily lives – our choices, habits and the context within which...
Commissioned Report

平成29年度 国連持続可能な消費と生産10年計画枠組み「持続可能なライフスタイル及び教育」プログラムの運営支援等委託業務 報告書

平成29年度 国連持続可能な消費と生産10年計画枠組み「持続可能なライフスタイル及び教育」プログラムの運営支援等委託業務に関する報告書。
Training or Learning Material
After solid waste generation peaked at 2,000 tonnes per day and the closure of one of city’s landfills led to waste being piled on the streets, the City of Surabaya started implementing community based solid waste management. This started as an initial partnership on a community composting project between the city, a local NGO and the City of...
Commissioned Report
Under the CCAC Waste initiative Surabaya, Indonesia undertook a rapid city assessment with the technical assistance of IGES in 2014. The outcomes of the assessment highlighted various issues in the city. In order to deepen understanding of Surabaya City‘s issues, a study has been undertaken to develop a work plan towards improving Surabaya City’s...
Commissioned Report
Under the CCAC Waste Initiative, Cebu City, Philippines undertook a Rapid City Assessment and Action Plan development with the technical assistance of IGES. The work plans for the actions identified in the city action plan were developed and include: 1. Work plan for the implementation of waste separation at source and collection. 2. Work plan for...
Policy Brief
IGES Policy Brief
Although it is more than decade since the passing of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (RA 9003) in the Philippines, creating policy direction towards the establishment of a sustainable solid waste management system, its implementation is still very limited at the local government unit (LGUs) level. This policy brief therefore...
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